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With an optimized structure, Clark Solutions allows total flexibility in customer service and agility to adapt to the wide range of demands in the Original Equipment Manufacture market.

From conceptual design to after-sales service at each stage of the process, we operate under strict quality standards, always aiming to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Mist Eliminator

Mist eliminator | MaxiMesh: MaxiMesh® mist eliminators consist of a mesh formed by extremely fine knitted (or co-knitted) threads that have a very high percentage of void.

Mist eliminator | FiberBed: FiberBed® fiber bed mist eliminators are designed to remove particles of fog, which are small liquid droplets present in a gas stream through beds of glass fibers, polyester, polypropylene or other polymers.

Mist eliminator | HeliFlow: The HeliFlow® mist eliminators (axial cyclone type) are composed of a finned module, which has been calculated and adjusted for maximum efficiency. It is available in all conventional stainless steels and special alloys.

Mist eliminator | MaxiChevron: MaxiChevron® mist eliminators are equipment manufactured using a set of parallel vertical blades with an undulating profile.

Mist eliminator | MaxiSpin: Mist eliminators MaxiSpin® is an axial cyclone that retains, by centrifugal force, all liquid particles entrained by the gas flow.

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Liquid Distributor

Liquid distributor | MaxiFlow CC: MaxiFlow® CC liquid distributor from Clark Solutions are designed for extremely high irrigation density in structured fillings.

Liquid distributor | MaxiFlow CD: Clark Solutions’ MaxiFlow® CD liquid distributor are designed to optimize the transfer of gas-liquid mass to random ceramic fillings.

Liquid distributor | MaxiFlow Tubes: MaxiFlow® Tubes liquid distributor can be constructed in several configurations that promote high irrigation densities, reaching hundreds of points per square meter and allowing the project for wide ranges of liquid flow and liquid-gas ratio.

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Recheio aleatório

Random Packing | 3-Pack: The random packing 3-Pack® have a “quasi-spherical” geometry, designed to maximize the specific interfacial area in towers and columns for gas absorption or desorption.

Random packing | CMTP: The random packing CMTP® seeks to associate high capacity with an excellent mass transfer efficiency, promoting, also, a low pressure loss through its geometry. CMTP® is manufactured in an extensive range of metal alloys such as 410, 304, 316 and 317.

Random packing | MaxiRing: MaxiRing® random packing increase the efficiency of mass transfer in absorption and desorption processes. Therefore, the greater the contact area between the phases, the better the absorption efficiency.

Random packing | MaxiSaddle: Random packing MaxiSaddles® is widely used in the chemical industry, to promote the transfer of mass between highly corrosive substances, where it is not possible to use plastic and metallic fillings.

Random packing | MaxiSaddle BPC: The random packing MaxiSaddles® BPC (MaxiSaddle Low Load Loss) is the newest generation belonging to the MaxiSaddles ceramic saddle group.

Random Packing | MaxiDur: MaxiDur® random packing have a high density, greater than 2.25 kg / L, making them used as a catalyst support, in order to keep the catalytic beds in position even under extreme flow rates / speeds. gas.

Random packing | β-Ring®: The high performance β-Ring® packing promotes major improvements when compared to conventional random fillings.

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Structured Packing

Structured Packing | MaxiPac: The structured MaxiPac® packing consists of parallel and corrugated metal sheets, forming channels for the passage of fluids, being assembled in circular layers of the same diameter as the column hull or in blocks to conform them, in which successive layers are superimposed to structure the height of the bed.

Structured packing | MaxiCeramic: MaxiCeramic® is a structured packing of the ceramic type, improved to promote areas of effective surface with lower pressure losses compared to conventional random ceramic fillings.

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Trays | MaxiValve: MaxiValve® is a technology from Clark Solutions that offers the industry, capacity similar to that of MaxiCap® bubblers with a much lower energy cost.

Trays | MaxiTray: Built with perforated plates, bubblers, fixed or mobile MaxiValve® or a combination of one or more types of contact devices, Clark Solutions Maxitray® trays are the best solution to increase capacity and reduce energy consumption in distillation columns .

Trays | MaxiCap: The Bubble-Cap type of Clark Solutions MaxiCap® trays, offer a wide variety of designs, due to their variety of application.

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Liquid liquid coalescer

Liquid-liquid coalescers | CS-Mesh: CS-Mesh® liquid-liquid coalescers can be manufactured in polymeric or metallic alloys in mesh structure, combined with thermoplastic polymers or glass fibers, in order to obtain high performance in various industry operations involving separation of liquid-liquid phases.

Liquid-liquid coalescers | MaxiPac: MaxiPac® liquid-liquid coalescers consist of an ordered plate filter medium with design and texture developed to promote greater contact between the dispersed phase, thus facilitating the coalescence process.

Liquid-liquid coalescers | PlatePack: PlatePack® liquid-liquid coalescers consist of parallel plates uniformly arranged to increase the efficiency of liquid-liquid separation.

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Gas inlet device

Gas inlet device | FoamBreaker: As the input load increases, CS FoamBreaker® input devices become the best solution for increasing the capacity of the vessel.

Gas inlet device | EvenFlow: CS Evenflow® input devices are devices that consist of equidistant fins arranged in parallel, forming two symmetrical sections with an upper and lower closing plate.

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