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Structured Packing | MaxiPac®

Structured Packing | MaxiPac®

The MaxiPac® structured packing consists of parallel and corrugated metal sheets, forming channels for the passage of fluids, being assembled in circular layers of the same diameter as the column hull or in blocks to form the same, in which successive layers are superimposed to structure bed height.

Smaller corrugated measures make the metal sheets more compact and close together, thus increasing the specific exchange area.

The low pressure drop of the structured packing is due to the reduced amount of obstacles in the flow, the low drag of liquid and the form factor of these fillings. The existing pressure drop can be attributed to the viscous drag that occurs due to the presence of the liquid film formed on the trim wall.

This phenomenon contributes to its efficiency in mass transport, resulting from the complete wetting of its surface, as it increases the interfacial turbulence and the renewal of the liquid film on the filling surface.

How's it works?

Flow channels
Flow channels

MaxiPac® is constructed with corrugated sheets arranged in an interlocking manner to create flow channels for the vapor phase, and the presence of intersections creates mixing points between the currents.

Surface Area
Surface Area

It has a large available surface area and extremely high wettability, making it great for processes where high yields and product purities are required.

Product Applications

The geometry of the structured packing has a direct impact on its performance. Due to the corrugation of its surface, two adjacent sheets form channels for the flow of fluids, the flow area of which is directly influenced by the corrugate measurements.

Structured Packing | MaxiPac® are recommended when
  • Need to increase the capacity of the distillation and absorption columns;
  • Need for greater purity of products;
  • High liquid flow systems;
  • Need to reduce head drop;
  • Reduction of the reflux rate;
  • Need for quick installations, with minimal column changes.
Several typical applications
  • Distillation columns;
  • General vacuum systems.

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