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Special Installations Services

Special Installations Services services

An assembly made by Clark Solutions’ technicians guarantees equipment positioning and correction. Preventing possible losses of efficiency in the process, caused by the poor arrangement of the equipment, leading to unwanted emergency stops.

Our service has the agile service to your needs and a performance guarantee by Clark Solutions.


We assume responsibility for the correct installation of our equipment and systems, optimizing assembly times, with a consequent reduction in total implementation costs and risks of project delays.

Emergency Stops

We are specialists in services performed during plant shutdowns, working under pressure, with short deadlines, suffering interference from other activities and participants.


Our team has extensive experience in works carried out in confined spaces, such as towers, tanks, vases, inside sulfuric acid plants, oil platforms, sugar and alcohol plants, chlorine and soda plants.

Monitoring and Installation
One of the differentials of our company is to offer both the supervision and the installation and assembly of our equipment and systems, ensuring that all the guidelines and details of the project will be followed, within the parameters of safety, time and cost of our clients.