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MaxiJet is a device capable of removing particles, washing gaseous contaminants and cooling gases.

The equipment can be divided into three stages:

  • Reverse jet;

  • Packed bed;

  • Mist eliminator.

The steps depend on the need for the process.

Reverse Jet

The reverse jet consists of 1 or 2 jets in countercurrent with the process gas in the inlet duct of the equipment. Desired by the high flow of liquid inserted by the jet (s), a region of strong turbulence (“foam” zone) is created, which allows the collection of particulate material and the adiabatic cooling of the gas stream with high efficiency.

The liquid is in circulation, requiring only a replacement of the flow of evaporated water, this circulation system is capable of operating with up to 15% of suspended solids.


How's it works?

The adiabatic cooling that occurs in the inlet duct, lowers the temperature of the gas stream to values ​​that allow the vessel and internals to be made of plastic material.

While the inlet duct material is metal alloys depending on the temperature and composition of the process gas.


Jet Reverse
  • Particle removal;
Stuffed Bed
  • SOx removal
Mist Removal
  • Removal of entrained drops
Gas Washing
Particulate removal
Gas cooling
Achieve environmental restrictions

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