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Gas scrubber – MaxiJet


MaxiJet is a gas washing technology capable of cooling hot gases (>1000⁰C), removing particulate solids, and scrubbing gases present in a contaminated gas stream. All of this occurs simultaneously.

The heart of MaxiJet technology lies in its large-diameter injector nozzle and the adjustment of the gas-to-liquid flow ratios. This combination promotes the formation of a high-turbulence zone where the gas is cooled, solid particles are collected, and gases are absorbed, usually through chemical reactions.

Conventional scrubbers struggle to exceed 2-5% solid concentration, while MaxiJet operates with approximately 20% solids. This is because the ejector nozzle (pictured) is not prone to clogging. As a result, MaxiJet can operate with concentrated solutions and sludges, significantly reducing effluent generation.

How's it works?

The adiabatic cooling that occurs in the inlet duct, lowers the temperature of the gas stream to values ​​that allow the vessel and internals to be made of plastic material.

While the inlet duct material is metal alloys depending on the temperature and composition of the process gas.


Jet Reverse
  • Particle removal;
Stuffed Bed
  • SOx removal
Mist Removal
  • Removal of entrained drops
Gas Washing
Particulate removal
Gas cooling
Achieve environmental restrictions

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