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MaxiPac® liquid-liquid coalescers

MaxiPac® liquid-liquid coalescers

MaxiPac® liquid-liquid coalescers consist of an ordered plate filter medium with design and texture developed to promote greater contact between the dispersed phase, thus facilitating the coalescence process.

The corrugated surface is an evolution compared to the conventional plate coalescer in non-fouling systems, which provides a better capture and formation of drainage channels for the dispersed phase.

Clark Solutions offers a variety of MaxiPac® fillings with different wave sizes in order to meet all types of services. Thus, this equipment is very versatile to improve:

  • Efficiency;
  • Capacity;
  • Cargo loss.

How's it works?

Scattered Phase
Scattered Phase

Due to its corrugated surface, MaxiPac® provides superior capture and development of drainage channels for fluids, providing a higher performance compared to the conventional plate separator.


MaxiPac® supports a wide range of options in corrugation, geometry and spacing between sheets, in order to allow efficiency improvement studies.

Product Applications

With these characteristics, MaxiPac® has great versatility of application in several processes in the industry – especially oil and gas.

MaxiPac® liquid-liquid coalescers are recommended when
  • Need for high performance;
  • High liquid flow systems;
  • Need for high purity in the products;
  • Vacuum or atmospheric pressure systems.
Several typical applications
  • CO2 column in the sugar and alcohol industry;
  • Rectification column in the sugar and alcohol industry;
  • Amine towers in the oil and gas industry;
  • TEG towers in the oil and gas industry.

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