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Structured Packing | MaxiCeramic®

Structured Packing | MaxiCeramic®

MaxiCeramic® is a structured ceramic-type packing, improved to promote areas of effective surface with lower head losses compared to conventional random ceramic fillings.

This type of packing consists of geometrically arranged corrugated sheets, improved to provide a greater specific surface area and less pressure loss compared to random fillings (MaxiSaddles® and MaxiSaddles® BPC).

How's it works?

Corrugated Plates
Corrugated Plates

By means of corrugated and geometrically arranged plates, optimal mixing points are created for the meeting between the phases and, with a high effective surface area and lower head loss when compared to structured fillings, the process reaches high levels of efficiency.

Product Applications

Consists of geometrically arranged corrugated sheets, the MaxiCeramic® structured packing is the best solution with high efficiency, resistant to corrosion and dirt.

Structured Packing | MaxiCeramic® are recommended when
  • Need for high efficiency;
  • Need for high corrosion resistance;
  • Very low pressure drop.
Several typical applications
  • Sulfuric acid and chlorine drying towers;
  • Sulfuric acid absorption towers;
  • Drying towers and absorption of corrosive components in general.

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