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Supervision services

Clark Solutions’ assembly supervision service ensures the proper installation of the equipment in the tower, as well as ensuring compliance with the schedule and assembly deadline, which is crucial in a stoppage event to minimize delays and, consequently, downtime.

Our supervision optimizes the progress and the quality of the assembly service, with agile service to your need and with the performance guarantee provided by Clark Solutions.

Proper Installation

It guarantees the proper installation of its equipment and systems, within the deadline, cost, quality and safety defined by the customer.

Deadline and Schedule

Ensures compliance with schedule and assembly deadline.

Emergency Stops

We organize the activities, accompanying the assemblers, and mainly, we bring tranquility and security to the assembly services at emergency stops.

Equipment Inspection
Our supervisors inspect the equipment, perform pre-assembly checking all components, instruct the assembly team, plan the services, monitor, and mainly act directly on the services, ensuring quality and meeting deadlines.