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Random Packing | 3-Pack®

Random Packing | 3-Pack®

The random packing 3-Pack® present a “quasi-spherical” geometry, designed to maximize the specific interfacial area in towers and columns of gas absorption or desorption.

Its shape offers an excellent surface area and a constant renewal of the liquid film, maximizing the global mass transfer coefficient by 20-30% when compared to 1st and 2nd generation plastic rings (Raschig Rings and Pall Rings). In addition, there is a 20-30% decrease in head loss when compared to conventional fillings.

How's it works?

Performance in Wash Towers
Performance in Wash Towers

Since it has practically no straight corners or points where liquids or solids can accumulate, it has an excellent performance in systems such as washing towers and strippers, in addition to good chemical resistance.

Mass transfer
Mass transfer

Towers packaged with a random 3-Pack® packing, when compared to other fillings, exhibit greater mass transfer efficiency for the same head loss, allowing the towers designed to use the 3-Pack® to have diameters 20 to 30% smaller and / or use lower total volumes of fillings and / or consume less energy than towers designed with less current technologies.

Product Applications

In addition, the 3-Pack® has manufacturing options in several polymers, they are sized and manufactured according to the operational conditions of the project.

Random Packing | 3-Pack® are recommended when
  • Greater tolerance to fouling than fillings from previous generations;
  • Capacity increase or volume reduction;
  • Reduction in energy consumption.
Several typical applications
  • CO2 column in the sugar and alcohol industry;
  • Industrial drying tower and chlorine and soda;
  • Gas scrubbers from industrial incinerators.

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