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SAFEHR Technology

Introduction of an intermediate cooling circuit
  • Avoids direct contact between pressurized water and hot acid;
  • Acid heats fluid which in turn heats water.
Pressurized acid and water are in independent circuits. So there is no risk of cross contamination.
  • No acid dilution, no heat generation or water contamination;
  • Any type of heat exchanger can be used: plates, hull and tubes, spiral and others.

How's it works?

CSF fluid line promotes thermal exchange between hot acid and cooling water / boiler.


  • Compatible with metals, plastics and rubbers.
Excellent thermal stability
  • Non flammable;
  • High boiling temperatures (> 250 °C);
  • Low vapor pressure (<20mm H2O).
Totally immiscible with water and acid
Totally inert to water, acid or mixtures
Intermediate density between water and acid
Insurance (FDA Approved)

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