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Random Packings | MaxiSaddles®

Random Packings | MaxiSaddles®

MaxiSaddles® random packing are widely used in the chemical industry, to promote mass transfer between highly corrosive substances, where it is not possible to use plastic and metallic fillings.

Also known in the industry as ceramic saddle, due to its shape similar to a saddle, its design was developed to promote a high specific area of contact between gas-liquid, generating high efficiency. At the same time, it manages to maintain low resistance to gaseous flow, therefore low pressure drop.

How's it works?

Absorption Process
Absorption Process

MaxiSaddle is used for exchange at the gas-liquid interface, so the larger the contact area between the phases, the better the absorption efficiency.

Resistência Mecânica
Resistência Mecânica

MaxiSaddle was created to provide a high contact area between the phases and without impairing pressure loss. But its main feature is the high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Product Applications

MaxiSaddles ceramic saddles are randomly distributed below the liquid dispenser and above the Cross-Partition Ring, which in turn are supported by the MaxiDome.

Random Packings | MaxiSaddles® are recommended when
  • Systems with a high corrosion rate;
  • Systems with high absorptive exotherm.
Several typical applications
  • Drying tower in the sulfuric acid industry;
  • Absorption tower in the sulfuric acid industry;
  • Drying tower in the chlorine and soda industry.

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