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Random Packing | MaxiDur®

Random Stuffing
Random Packing | MaxiDur®

MaxiDur® random packing have a high density, greater than 2.25 kg / L, making them used as a catalyst support, in order to keep the catalytic beds in position even under extreme gas flows / speeds.

Catalytic beds that use spheres, instead of saddles and raschig rings, suffer less wear, due to the absence of sharp edges.

Clark Solutions offers MaxiDur® spheres with 60-65% SiO2 and 19-23% Al2O3 as standard, in addition to other custom formulations.

Available sizes: ¼ “(6mm) ½” (12mm) ¾ “(19mm) 1” (25mm) 1½ “(38mm) 2” (50mm).

Product Applications

MaxiDur® Ceramic Spheres are manufactured from high quality clay materials and have excellent chemical and structural stability, high mechanical resistance and high resistance to thermal shocks (tower packing).

Random Packing | MaxiDur® are recommended when
  • Protection of the catalyst against wear and accumulation of particulate matter;
  • Stabilization of the catalytic bed;
  • Need for homogenization of gas flow through catalysts.
Several typical applications
  • Catalytic beds.

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