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Liquid Distributors | MaxiFlow® Tubes

MaxiFlow® Tubes
Liquid Distributors | MaxiFlow® Tubes

MaxiFlow® Pipes liquid distributors can be built in several configurations that promote high irrigation densities, reaching hundreds of points per square meter and allowing the project for wide ranges of liquid flow and liquid-gas ratio.

How's it works?

Irrigation Densities
Irrigation Densities

The MaxiFlow Tubos acid distributor has a configuration that provides irrigation densities of up to 60 pts / m². With an even distribution of irrigation points throughout the pipeline, this device will obtain good results in the gas processing capacity.

Product Applications

Clark Solutions MaxiFlow® distributors are in service at thousands of industrial facilities.

Liquid Distributors | MaxiFlow® Tubes are recommended when
  • Sulfuric Acid Plants;
  • Chlorine and Soda;
  • Paper And Cellulose;
  • Oil Refineries.
Several typical applications
  • Gas washers;
  • Distillation columns;
  • Absorption columns;
  • Stripping.

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