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Liquid Distributors | MaxiFlow® CC

MaxiFlow® Chicana Gutters
Liquid Distributors | MaxiFlow® CC

Clark Solutions MaxiFlow® CC liquid distributors are designed for extremely high irrigation density in structured fillings. They consist of a system of partition gutters with channels, which are then divided into a distribution chicane that represents the sets of irrigation points.

Designed for uniform distribution over each section of the structured filling, this configuration guarantees wettability of the entire filling even in operations with very low irrigation rate by compensating for the disposition and density of irrigation points.

How's it works?

High Irrigation Rate
High Irrigation Rate

Due to its high density of irrigation points, MaxiFlow® CC seeks to keep all the layers of the filling structured with thin liquid film, which favors the mass transfer rate.

Product Applications

Clark Solutions’ MaxiFlow® CC liquid distributor was developed to optimize the transfer of gas-liquid mass. This consists of a chute system with channels and baffles.

Liquid Distributors | MaxiFlow® CC are recommended when
  • Operation with structured filling;
  • Operation with low irrigation rate.
Several typical applications
  • Deodorizing towers;
  • Refining towers;
  • Heavy and Light Diesel.

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