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MaxiTray® trays

MaxiTray® trays

Built with perforated plates, bubblers, fixed or mobile MaxiValve® or a combination of one or more types of contact device, Clark Solutions Maxitray® trays are the best solution to increase capacity and reduce energy consumption in distillation columns.

Our engineers have all the experience necessary to select, dimension, evaluate and design the most compact and efficient mass transfer device for your process.

Product Applications

Perforated plates are an old technology that has gradually been replaced by more efficient ones. Given their low cost, they still find some use in simpler processes and columns with a small number of theoretical stages.

MaxiTray® trays are recommended when
  • Need for less pressure loss;
  • Tolerance to higher levels of fouling;
  • Reduced need for operational flexibility.
Several typical applications
  • Sugar and alcohol industries.

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