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(Português BR) Momento Markante – A nova trajetória da Clark Solutions

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

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Good Practices – Working From Home
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Know what precautions we are taking

COVID-19 Dear Customers, Suppliers and Friends. Clark Solutions, like other companies, is committed and determined to prioritize public health care and collective safety, so that we can, as soon as possible, overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and be back to producing and contributing with the future and progress of all of us. Thus, we take a […]

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Petrobras e Clark Solutions Firmam Contrato de Fornecimento de Recheios

Depois de acirrada concorrência com líderes mundiais em transferência de massa, com competidores de diversos países na Europa e América do Norte, a Clark Solutions venceu a licitação para fornecimento global de recheios randômicos, estruturados e metálicos pelos próximos três (3) anos para a petroleira brasileira. Esta é uma grande vitória da tecnologia nacional e […]

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Clark Solutions, Your Partner in All Situations.

Clark Solutions, your Brazilian equipment manufacturer and supplier for phase separation and mass transfer, have local shops and stocks for the fastest support in all situations. Always in touch with its clients, Clark Solutions have a specialized team to accompany operation and to inspect vessels and internals as well as to supervise new internals installations […]

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Clark Solutions, the Unique 100% Brazilian Manufacturer on FRI

Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI) is a non-profit research consortium supported by memberships which include many of the largest petroleum, chemical, and engineering companies in the world.  It was founded in the 1950’s to engage in research that was too expensive to be beared by a single company. FRI’s research facilities include the only independent commercial […]