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Thermal and Mechanical Separation Technology 

Technical ability, flexibility and customer commitment are the key elements in the growth of Clark Solutions.

From design  to manufacturing, from assembly  to after-sales service at each stage of the process the company operates under strict quality standards, always  aiming to surpass our customers expectations.

With an optimized structure, Clark Solutions allows total flexibility in customer service  and agility to adapt quickly to market  demands. The attempt to solve the customer’s problems has no limit. We are commited to find a satisfactory solutions to our customers requirements.

The knowledge and expertise acquired  in technical exchanges with the academic and the long experience of its technical staff ensures Clark Solutions  a privileged position  in thermal and mechanical separation, mass transfer and pollution control. There  are thousands of projects  and equipments  which have been developed and installed  in Brazil and abroad, according to technical specifications that ensure  the reliability  and quality of our  products. The factory in Embu/São Paulo plant, produces our range with own know-how as well as under license.

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