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In 1995 the MaxiMesh mist eliminator 140, a model created for cane broth evaporators, appears. From there, Clark Solutions installed more than 600 radiation eliminators on evaporators and cookers.

For the sugar and ethanol industry various solutions such as:

Mist eliminators for a sugar factory where you want to:

  • Purity of steam stream;
  • Recovery of liquid with added value;
  • Reduction of indeterminate losses;
  • Increase in capacity.

The equipment that offer for these applications are:

  • MaxiMesh (mist eliminator) for all purposes of evaporation;
  • MaxiChevron (mist eliminator) for more fouling systems such as bakers and sugar powder washer;
  • MaxiSpin (mist eliminator) eliminates dragged droplets inside steam tubes.

Column levels for ethanol production:

  • Stuffed 3-Pack (random packing) high capacity and low pressure drop (CO2 columns);
  • High-efficiency MaxiPac (structured packing) fillings and gas-liquid contact area (rectification columns, alcoholic dehydration, MEG recovery towers and CO2 inlets);
  • MaxiCap trays for the whole process of wine distillation, including process and mechanical sizing;
  • MaxiFlow liquid distributors for CO2 gas washing and ethanol recovery;
  • Random and structured packing holder and limiter.
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